Education For Everyone.

More than diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting, HLG is the partner your school, district, or nonprofit needs. We will help you create a healthy learning environment for all students.

Your students deserve a healthy place to learn and grow. 

Kaliq Simms, founder of Higher Learning Group, has partnered with dozens of schools. HLG tailors the program to fit your school or district’s unique needs. Kaliq supports and guides your school each step of the way. We provide all the infrastructure to set your school up for success. 

A Healthy Learning Environment Includes:


Who experience belonging, express individuality, think critically, work cooperatively, and THRIVE


That is relevant, offers nuanced perspectives, and features diverse representation


Who have a growth mindset, who appreciate the humanity of all students, and apply culturally responsive practices


That disrupt bias, provide access, and affirm all kinds of learners

Your community is growing and evolving. Let us design a custom backpack for your journey! 

See how Higher Learning Group can help your school or organization through one of our custom, all-inclusive service packages.

All-Inclusive Packages

All packages take into account all costs.

Each package price is fully inclusive of all expenses. This includes but is not limited to:
Research and DevelopmentSurveys and Focus Groups Strategic Planning Program OutlinesHuman Resources Guest SpeakersProfessional Development Materials and Literature Subcontractors
As educators, we know that transformational learning experiences come out of relationships with our students. That’s why Higher Learning Group typically works in yearlong partnerships with schools or districts. But if that is not what you’re looking for, we also offer smaller packages for when your school has a more specialized and specific need.


We're trusted by schools and organizations throughout the region.

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Best Service Provider
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What do leaders say about working with Higher Learning Group?

Peter Baily

Executive Director of AIMS MD&DC

Kaliq has been an excellent leader and partner in this work -- with students, faculty, and school parents. She is knowledgeable, sensitive about school culture, and supportive as she helps people to learn and to grow in their understanding.
Kaliq did a fabulous job over many years in organizing and leading the Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference -- a premier learning opportunity for students in independent schools in four different states. Kaliq's sensitivity and gentle manner is calibrated to meeting her audience "where they are.”
Explore your needs and goals carefully with Kaliq. She is an excellent listener.

Christina Marsh

Community Arts & Engagement Manager at Baltimore Clayworks

HLG was friendly, professional and responsive. With the diverse needs of staff, instructors and the Board, there was mindfulness in curating a positive and safe environment for both professional and personal growth.
Kaliq is a visionary and I could feel her passion and desire for our organization to not just succeed, but exceed the limiting thoughts. HLG has given access to our classroom along with having instructors that are aware of inclusive practices. Our interactions felt like mentorship and really being vested in supporting.
Make the leap and know that you are getting a customized opportunity to foster partnership and potential in your organization.

Nancy Mugele

Head of Kent School

Positive, inspiring, relatable, authentic... Kaliq met us where we are and gave us meaningful texts to initiate conversations.
My own interview with Kaliq was memorable for my team as they say me as a vulnerable leader and it made them think about their own inner struggles and those of their students. I believe that our teachers are more aware of biases and stereotypes which in turn makes them better teachers. Students will benefit from this - especially as we move out of this COVID-era.
Kaliq's down-to-earth, and matter-of-fact personality and presentation style makes meaningful discussion and reflection very accessible.
The conversations with HLG and the ones that happen later in meetings and non-formal settings advance the school in many ways. HLG cares deeply about teachers and students, and equipping teachers with knowledge and skills to navigate classroom situations with grace to serve students best.

Kaliq is a teacher and a learner.

She has worn many hats in schools--classroom teacher, administrator, board member, coach, advisor, parent, dean, diversity chief, and consultant. For community groups and non-profit organizations, she has created programs, written grants, done staff recruitment, hiring, and mentoring, and has been a trainer. She leverages all of these perspectives and experiences in her consulting work, where she pursues her lifelong quest for quality education for all.

Service Tiers

Project Management

Every institution is at a different point in their journey to equity. You may already have a project in mind. Maybe your school wants to start a Black Student Union or Staff Affinity Groups. Or perhaps you need to form your diversity and inclusion mission and vision. HLG can create structure and get your community off to a healthy start.
● Structure, planning and support for a large scale but specific project● Monthly touchpoints and a coaching session with Kaliq● 3-6 hours of workshops with staff, students, or other community members● HLG services for the length of your project (for example, a semester or summer session)

Typically $10-12K

Transformational Equity Coaching

If a Director of Diversity and Inclusion is on your school’s wish list but out of your budget, Higher Learning Group is your answer. 
If you aren’t sure where your school’s pain points are, or where to start, look no further. 
● A complete audit on your school’s diversity, equity and inclusion practices● Higher Learning Group services as an interim DE&I director for a full academic year● Monthly touchpoints and quarterly coaching sessions with Kaliq● Post-Implementation audit report including pain points and action steps● One-on-one support for your community including admin, staff, and parents● Road map and support for hiring a full-time director of DE&I

Typically $20-30K

Workshop or Presentation Series

If you have a specific topic that is unique to your school such as the academic performance of African American Boys or Institutionalized Structures in School Culture Higher Learning group can get everyone on the same page. We do the research, planning, and implementation of a workshop or series to train your teachers and level up your cultural competence.
● A consultation with Kaliq about the scope and your school’s specific needs ● 3-6 hours of professional development for community members on a specific topic● Research, structure, and planning around a particular subject ● Materials and resources for your community to continue their learning

Typically $5-8K

We can offer a sliding scale for schools with need on a case-by-case basis. We also offer convenient payment options: bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

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