Your students deserve a healthy place to learn and grow. 

Kaliq Simms, founder of Higher Learning Group, has partnered with dozens of schools. HLG tailors the program to fit your school or district’s unique needs. Kaliq supports and guides your school each step of the way. We provide all the infrastructure to set your school up for success. 

About Higher Learning Group

Our Mission

We collaborate with schools, community partners, families, teachers, and student leaders to promote diversity, educational equity, and inclusion. As educators, we affirm students' uniqueness and equip them with in-depth knowledge of self, empathy for others, and critical consciousness of the world so that they may employ their education in the service of humanity no matter the field they may enter.

Our Philosophy: Transformative Diversity Work

We engage both minds and hearts by providing culturally responsive academic resources, interpreting salient data/research, and sharing personal stories.
We value the journey, not just the destination. We facilitate honest conversations on race, class, religion, gender, gender sexuality, and other social identifiers with a focus on educational outcomes for diverse students and support for teachers. With courage and respect, we press through challenging topics rather than go around them, changing lives and schools through truth telling.
We build bridges between home, school, and society. We believe that understanding of the "worlds" of our children (home culture, heritage, history, lived experience, important people, influences, and places) drives exceptional teaching and academic excellence.

Our Vision: Go Higher

Going higher allows us to see each other’s diverse perspectives and reveals a clear view of truths about ourselves and our world, fostering wisdom and love. These virtues are the bedrock of Higher Learning Group. Let's take education higher together!

Kaliq Simms

Kaliq Simms Photo

After graduating from Morgan State University magna cum laude, Kaliq Simms received a Fulbright fellowship to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) in Cheju, South Korea. Upon completion of the Fulbright, Kaliq went on to earn a Master of Education degree from Harvard University School of Education.
Kaliq joined the Roland Park Country School (RPCS) faculty in 1998 as an Upper School English teacher. Kaliq taught and served as an academic advisor for high school students for over a decade until she was promoted to an administrative position, Dean of Ninth Grade. Kaliq then advanced to senior administrator status, Director of Diversity and Equity Education, a position she held for five years. When her family temporarily relocated for her spouse’s work, she worked from 2003-2005 as an Upper School English teacher at Rye Country Day School in Westchester, NY.
After a stint as Director of Diversity and Multicultural Education at the Park School of Baltimore, Kaliq decided to launch her own diversity consulting firm, Higher Learning Group in 2015. Through her firm, she has chaired the Association of Independent MD and Washington DC Schools (AIMS) Baltimore Student Diversity Leadership Conference and consulted with many independent schools, public school districts, and non-profit organizations in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia area. 
She has presented at the National Association of Independent Schools’ People of Color Conference on the topic, “Data-Driven Diversity Work in Schools.” She also has presented workshops on “Culturally Relevant Pedagogy,” “Healthy Racial Identity Development,” “The Impact of DE&I on and Social-Emotional Learning,” “Historic and Contemporary Uses of the N-Word,” “The Enduring Value of Historically Black Colleges/Universities,” and many more subjects, specifically created based on the needs of the organizations for whom she has worked.  
Kaliq has worn many hats in schools. She has been a teacher, administrator, board member, coach, advisor, parent, and school consultant. For community groups and non-profit organizations, she has created programs, written grants, done staff recruitment, hiring, and mentoring, and been a trainer. She leverages all of these perspectives and experiences in her consulting work.